Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daydream Believer...

This post is all about the subconscious.  I am a vivid dreamer.  More often than not, I wake up remembering my dreams.  It's been happening this way since my days of sharing a tiny dorm room.  In the last three weeks I've had the same dream repeatedly.  I am camping with this guy, which is weird because I'm not a camper (and neither was he, apparently) and I decide to go for a walk alone.  I am listening to music and then BAM suddenly I am being chased by someone that I cannot see...

...and then I wake up.

I have woken up from this dream at least twice a week for the last three(ish) weeks.  What gives???  What does it mean?  Who is chasing me? What does a single girl have to do to get a good nights' sleep?
Who goes for a walk alone in the dark while camping?  Am I looking for danger?



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