Monday, September 10, 2012

Snip Snip...

The chilly weather this morning reminded me that it is, in fact, a new season and as one of my besties put it "a new Shanna."  You see, blog friends, I finally cut my hair.  Finish your eye rolling and I'll explain.  I was never one of those girl who obsessed over their hair and cried after hair cuts.  Not until December 2008 when I got the worst hair cut of my life.  "The bob" has been mentioned here before, so I won't bore you again with the details.  But, now I tremble with fear every time I reluctantly cut my hippie hair.  Yesterday I agreed to go with my sister and get my hair did.

The outcome?  A very sensible hair cut.  Something that says: I am a serious adult or I may or may not be a mom.  The ironic part is, I always make these big appearance-based decisions when I'm feeling not quite like myself.  These situations usually involve a boy and things not going my way.  There was the big WW join of January and now the big Haircut of September.

Maybe this small (who am I kidding my hair is a huge deal!) change will be the shift I need to get the spring back in my step.  Fall is my absolute favorite season and I could not be more ready for scarves and red wine al fresco.  Being accompanied by a handsome, mature, scruffy dude would be the icing on cake, of course.  I am completely rambling today, but bear with's Monday after all.

Well here is a lovely picture of the Sisters Cohen taken at the Carmen Marc Valvo show last night.  Please not my shorter hair and my sister's dimple.  Oh and the fact that I'm very fancy and went to a fashion show and stared at Vanessa Williams.  Carry on, blog friends.

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