Friday, September 14, 2012

Some Friday Thoughts...

Here are just some things for this beautiful Friday afternoon:

1.  I wore my (new) short hair curly today and I look exactly like...a twelve year-old.  Days like today I miss my hippie hair.

2.  Last night I dreamt I was driving down Sunset Blvd in my old Cabrio blasting The Beatles.  It was a vast improvement from my reoccurring camping dream.

3.  I love it when my friends recycle advice I've given them...and give it right back to me.  Sometimes I can be so preachy, why do you guys listen to me?

4. Time really does heal most wounds.

5. This song has been in my head ALL DAY.  I love me a good pop song.

6.  I've been thinking about perfection this week.  Waiting for the "perfect" situation, more specifically. Is there such a thing?  I am starting to realize I need to cut myself some slack and go with the flow more often.

7.  Oh and I must stop lusting over boys in bands with tattoos.


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