Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to My Inner Thoughts...

So I should preface this very brief post by saying I am not feeling well today.  Ache-y, headache-y, and worried I may have West Nile due to the 100 bug bites I managed to get while wearing bug spray over Labor Day weekend.  That being said, I have felt a bit scatterbrained.

I can't even really explain it, which is rare for me.  I just feel sort of...confused.  A bit lost, perhaps.  I know I want to be happy, that much true, but I'm having trouble getting out of this semi-funk.  I've been keeping busy with work and friends, but something is  I know this won't make sense for most of you and that is totally fine, but sometimes just getting the thoughts out of my head provides some clarity.  Sometimes...not so much.

What a weird day.

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