Friday, October 12, 2012

Random Friday Thoughts While At Work

1. I will not have children in my twenties (I'll be 29 in less than two months). I don't know why this is just occurring to me now. I tend to ignore my "ticking clock" but every once in a while I let myself go there. Shit, I won't even be married in my twenties. You know, like those independent thirty-somethings on that wildly popular how Sex and the City. Or something.

2. I do not miss the hot weather. At all. This girl loves her tights and scarves.

3. My annual Fireplace Hunt is officially on. Hey boys, the way to my heart is through a burning log. Make of that what you will.

4. I must get to sleep before 1am. I must get to sleep before 1am.

5. It feels really good to blog a list again. Really, really good.

6. I finally like my haircut.

7. I have a new eBay obsession. If I haven't worn it in three years and it's not falling apart it will be sold and shipped out of my life ASAP.

8. Happy Friday!!!

1 comment:

Sparkling said...

Isn't it scary when you realize something like your age? I remember the first time I had students in front of me that weren't even alive when the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up. We've had new teachers who are almost young enough to not have been alive when that happened. And soon, the 6th graders I get will not have been alive before 9/11. It's amazing what happens when you think about time!

And yes, always asleep before 1am is a good thing!