Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Facelift Perhaps?

The weather has been less than stellar in the last 10 or so days here in New York City.  I love me some Fall, but I am certainly not prepared for snow and the Holidays (and my impending 29th birthday) quite yet.  Everything has been feeling so...routine as of late and I just need to shake things up a bit.

My wardrobe could use a bit of color (as always).  My makeup has been basically non-existent unless you count moisturizer and mascara and this blog could use a little spark.  As I near the end of 28 I am just looking to spice things up in all aspects of my world.

This morning as I lay in bed sneezing (allergies? a cold? who knows) I tried to remember the last time I put more than 2 minutes of thought into my outfit or really sat down to write.  Of course I have no problem remembering how many times I schlepped up and down the subway stairs or made more coffee in my office.

In the aftermath of Sandy, all I can think is how lucky I am to have my home, family, and friends safe and sound.  All the rest seems so trivial.  Yet, I can't seem to shake this feeling of unrest.  It's like an invisible adventure is calling my name, but I just haven't found it yet.  Does that make any sense?

Oh and I've been living on bagels, cookies, and pasta.  Gotta store up for the colder months, right?  Oh wait...

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