Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Sandy Thoughts

First and foremost, I must recognize how insanely lucky I am.  My apartment (which is very close to the  East River) was left unscathed.  I had a lovely 48 hour sleepover with two of my best friends that consisted mainly of wine, carb-y snacks, Homeland episodes, CNN, and laughter.  We threw on our rain gear and took a short walk, slept on a pull-out couch (Thanks again, D!!!) and when the storm had passed I finally made my way a few short blocks home.  My parents and several of my downtown dwelling friends are still without power and water.  The Upper East Side has been the place to be and be seen.  In fact, I walked right past Anne Hathaway around the corner from my apartment just this morning.  The restaurants in my less than hipster hood have been insanely packed as all of downtown has migrated north.  There is a real sense of commraderie in a City that is known for it's "alone togetherness."

Everyone I know who has power has multiple friends in and out of their apartments showering, charging phones, sleeping on couches.  I have been glued to the news even more than I usually am and can honestly say my heart breaks for those alone the coast who lost their homes and/or loved ones during the storm.  Not to get all political...actually who am I get political, I think it's time we face reality here.  These types of storms have sadly become the norm.  Please explain to me why ConEd is putting up electrical wires in the exact same spots they get knocked down every freaking time the wind blows harder than a breeze.  Let's move into the twenty-first century and update the power grid.  We have real infrastructure issues that need to be addressed.

I'm so so relieved that all my loved ones are safe and I sincerely hope life returns to normal for all those affected as soon as humanly possible.  Oh and here is what I look like with my Hurricane Boyfriend (I'm convinced Cody is better than a real boyfriend would have been...he never talks back).  Disregard my unbrushed hair and hurricane uniform of sweatshirt, pashmina, and glasses.  I was a total sloth.

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