Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Official... sister asked me to be Maid of Honor in her wedding by surprising me with flowers at my office this afternoon!

I cried (of course) and then promptly left for my meeting.  I came back to my desk two hours later to find that the lovely vase had leaked all over my desk and my computer was sitting in inches of water.  Luckily nothing was permanently damaged.  Never a dull moment over here.

In other news, this super cold weather has me dreaming of warmer days back in Cabo.  I'd much rather be doing this right now. Please excuse the ultra-girly sweatshirt, it was my Moms.

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Lamb @ LambAround: Life with my Sexy Nerd said...

What a shame about the leaky vase. My boss would have been furious! Though, she's not a fan of flowers to begin with.