Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Just A Number...

So for the past week or so I've battled a pretty nasty cold. I'm talking constant nose blowing, achey, and sounding like a mess. This morning was the first morning in about ten days that I woke up feeling almost normal.

On Sunday morning I rode the Hudson line to spend the day with my parents. As I sat there enjoying the view and a coffee I tried to remember the last time I was home -- a sign it had been too long. That ride along the Hudson River never gets old. Growing up I was unaware at how spectacular that view was. In fact, it wasn't until my sister and I invited friends up to my parents' for a pool party and I went to pick up a carload of boys from the train station. The first thing one of them said to me was, "you didn't tell us to sit on the left side of the train to get that amazing view!" I guess you become jaded when you look at that view regularly.

So my Mom and I spent the day dress shopping for my sister's wedding. It was an interesting experience as always. The first place we walked into we were greeted by a young looking salesperson. She saw me eyeing a gorgeous long, black dress and said, "prom?" Well you guys know that I'm almost thirty, so that pretty much made her my new best friend. When I told her my size she insisted the dress would be huge and that I try a 4. Yes, you read that correctly. I haven't worn a 4 since my senior year of college and that was a brief moment in time (a quick affair with daily running). So I decide to go for it -- I had spent several shopping trips squeezing into dresses, so why not. THE SIZE 4 FIT.

It should not matter. It is totally vain. And silly. But, you know what? It feels really good to not feel gross. How about that. Really freaking good.  Here is a picture. Aren't I a model?



Susan Gilbert said...

You look fantastic! And if I could ever fit into a 4 I'd ask to borrow the dress after you wear it! Love it. I have more to say about a previous post but I'll wait till I corner you at some pre-wedding shower/party/event with wine in hand.

Shanna said...

Love you Susan!!