Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Knight In Shining...Cowboy Boots?

Well, hello there! I have not forgotten about you, my lovely blog friends. I have been increasingly busy and truth be told have about ten unfinished post drafts.

This past weekend I, along with ten girlfriends, invaded Austin for a bachelorette party. Despite the triple-digit temperature we managed to have an amazing time. I ate my weight in meat and enjoyed extremely cheap drinks (hello $3 beer)! Besides the flat landscape and Southwest architecture, there was one glaring different between Austin and New York City -- the fellas. Austin is an interesting mix of real Southern cowboys, bearded hipsters, and preppy Polo-wearing dudes.

Friday night we decided to go the cowboy route and invaded a bar known for it's bull riding and line dancing. At first I wasn't too thrilled to be there.  The New York Jew in me looked at all the cowboy hats and rolled my eyes. After a few minutes of watching couples line dance (at least that's what I think it was) we were all mesmerized. It was so romantic. Some couples were far better dancers than others, but I was completely impressed.

As we were watching a man in a cowboy hat approached one of my friends said, "would you like to dance?"  She agreed (well, we forced her to go) and the whole thing was just so cute. In New York City men don't ask women "to dance" they just brush up against you and assume you'll go with it. Being the jaded New Yorker that I am, I was so relieved to know that chivalry is, in fact, alive and well down South. Now if only those guys would ditch the cowboy hats and head to NYC. If only.

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Susan Gilbert said...

Just want to say....I'm all up to date and happy for you....Mom said I could share!!! Talk to you soon.

Austin is Adam's favorite city. He goes every October for the music festival.

Also, how is it that you young gals can afford these elaborate and multiple bachelorette parties? Us experienced gals had one night out in the city we lived in and maybe knocked ourselves out with an extra drink or two!!! YOLO!