Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some Thoughts On Happiness

Lately I've been thinking about happiness. Not my own, actually -- the happiness of those around me. I can't be sure where this started, but I do know that I have become completely fascinated by what floats someone else's boat.

Happiness looks completely different for everyone. I know women in their thirties (or even forties) thrilled to be single and free, floating around NYC looking fantastic. I know women in their mid-twenties married and pregnant glowing with impending joy. Is one happier than the other? Society would have us believe so. This is not some I'm almost thirty and unmarried rant (for once). You see, the more I look around at what I'm supposed to have/do, the happier I am with what I have/am doing.

I don't feel the same pressures I did at 27 thankfully. Apparently there's something to be said for getting more comfortable in your skin as you age. Holy shit, it's true! It's not about weight (luckily has been quite low for a while) or my dating status (which has changed a few times in the last year), but rather with being happy that I'm me. I don't want what other people have anymore. I want my life. Because it's rad. And it's mine.

I want to wear all white and then get caught in the rain (ahem today) and I want to drink a bottle of wine and eat a pound of cheese with a cute dude. I want to obsess over a data flow until I'm blue in the face and watch stupid movies from 1996. The best part is, I can!

When I hear a friend going through a rough dating patch -- and good lord I've been there as well my heart breaks a little for them. Not because being single is so awful, although it has its moments, but because I can feel the pressure they feel. It's a hard trap to break free from. My trap door flew open and I'm not exactly sure when, but let freedom rain!

Oh and a quick word on being miserably single...I have been there and one thing I know for sure one wants to date an unhappy person. I have come to believe the whole "be who you want to be with" nonsense because it just makes too much damn sense to ignore!

Get happy! You're you!

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