Monday, July 22, 2013

You Get What You Give...Karma and Such

This summer has been many things -- excitement, adventure, stress, planning...and more planning. The past week or so I've felt overwhelmed. The many obligations -- both family and otherwise, had me feeling a bit out of it. Last night I decided to have an evening completely to myself reading and catching up on some TV (and tons of work email).

This morning I woke up to face a particularly crazy week, but with a new perspective. I'm a huge believer in giving others what I'd want to receive. Give love, get love, and all that jazz. I decided to be patient, make my To-Do list's and just breath. Simply doing something to make someone smile, saying thank you, and acknowledging how important someone is -- that is the stuff that really counts. This summer I've been spending my free Saturdays at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse volunteering (I manage their social media as well) and it's been such a rewarding experience. Seeing how happy people are to get out on the water and enjoy the stunning views of lower Manhattan it just makes me appreciate how wonderful my life here in NYC is.

So my goal for this week is to just smile more, be friendlier, offer to help when I can, and not sweat the small stuff. As my friend said to me on Saturday afternoon: I'm healthy, employed, have great friends and family close by, what do I have to be upset about? To that I say, right on, dude!

Happy Monday!

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